About Dr. Dinesh Sir

Dr. Dinesh is a dentist by profession, who has a keen interest in education and always wants to give better education to the students, he says that there should be no compromise with the quality of education and the technology used. The culture of India should also be seen , No student can be a good doctor or scientist or better in administration unless he is connected with the ground .

Dr. Dinesh himself is also a good teacher and best dentist, you are of the opinion that if given the right education, India will get good citizens and India will progress, your higher education is from Meerut and always ready to help the poor. Dr. Dinesh is always ahead to help the poor and tribal children.

Dr. Dinesh Sir
Director (Live Classes) Eklavya Education,Delhi

About Eklvya Education Centre

Eklavya means a self learned person, a person who learns by observing his or her immediate environment attentively. With the exact same vision, we started this prestigious institution. Eklavya Education of Science is a paramount educational institution run by Eklavya Trust of Education and Eklavya Education Firm (registered under the Trust 1882, Govt. of India). Our motto is not just limited to providing coaching to the NEET aspirers but goes beyond that. We mould our students in such a manner that they learn to comprehend what we teach them and advance towards different problems that come in their way with the best possible manner.

For best results, we adopt a well-unified teaching outlook, professional faculty, digital learning programs, discursive study material and disciplined and focused learning atmosphere. We impart quality education and the ones who choose us and our institution definitely reach their true potential and accomplish higher and loftier goals and reach new heights. We require them to view different situations so that they learn from them and also use their learnings as and when required in an efficient and effective manner. But to be mastered in this skill, they need to improve their tactical vision and this is where we step in. We assist them to get acquainted with this skill.

The world is changing and we must change with it. Keeping this in mind, we bring forth a proficient alternative to the physical NEET coaching. Our new venture- NEET Preparation Online allows you to access notes and video lectures, for your convenience, at the place of your choice. We value time and understand how every minute counts. With our new digital addition, you are no longer required to waste hours in going for physical coaching classes. The best study material can easily be accessed from anywhere you want. In addition to this, you do not have to worry about doubt clearance as our team of experts is always ready to help. They respond to your queries at the earliest. Hence, this digital platform not only saves your precious time but also the hard earned money. As on an average, a physical coaching for NEET costs around three lakhs whereas here the best teachers are just a call away at a much lesser price.

To add to your convenience, there is variety of online courses available. You can choose from- Online Complete Course, Online + Pen drive Course or Single Subject Course as per your needs.

Ms. Monika Chugh
HOD (Zoology)

Dr. Sudhir Tomar
HOD (Chemistry)